Fahad Fazil
Malayalam Cinema Actor

Fahad Fazil, Malayalam cinema actor

Fahadh Fazil, the most eligible bachelor in Mollywood now, is celebrating his 29th birthday today (August 8). The year has already proved to be lucky for the young actor, with his latest releases 22 Female Kottayam and Diamond Necklace celebrating their hundred days run back to back. Moreover, he also won the prestigious Kerala State Award for the second best actor for the year 2011, for his performances in Chaappa Kurissu and Akam.

Fahad's first film was Kaiyethum Doorath (2001) which was directed by his father, director Fazil. "Please don't blame my father for my failure because it was my mistake and I came into acting without any preparation," said Fahad.

He pursued his studies in the United States and returned in 2009 to act in the film Kerala Cafe (2010), conceived by director Ranjith. At Ranjith's behest, director Uday Ananthan cast Fahad in his Mrityunjayam, one of the 10 shorts in the film. He played the role of a journalist in the Mrityunjayam, a ghost film set on a spooky old 'Mana'. He was chosen to costar in B. Unnikrishnan's Pramani. He then appeared as a business head in the thriller Cocktail (2010). His next film Tournament was also a thriller . In Sameer Thahir's directorial debut Chappa Kurishu, a thriller in which he appeared as the head of a construction business — a womaniser. "Arjun – my character in Chappa Kurishu is not a role that an actor gets often. I am very lucky and very fortunate," Fahad said. He shot a long kissing scene with his co-star Remya Nambeesan in the film — supposedly the first ever in Malayalam cinema — which upon release was termed as controversial, causing a great stir in the industry.

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