Famous Aries: Jim Carry, Kherington Payne, Oprah Winfrey, Phil Collins, Deepika Padukone, AR Rahman and Kapil Dev

Characteristics of the Aries:
Aries born people are usually positive and have strong preferences. However, at times they are likely to show their violent side. Having this sign as ascendant or Moon sign will make you independent, adventurous, ambitious, skillful, leaders, impetuous, authoritative, courageous, brave, heroic, competitive, enterprising, visionary, strong-willed, energetic and brave. Their argumentative nature is a negative point and they tend to be highly impatient and offensive. They could be irritable and self-oriented at times.

Yearly Horoscope:
You will develop a strong interest towards spirituality and religion. You are likely to remain busy with events, promotional activities, short visits, meeting people, preparing documents and other tasks, especially during the later part of the year. You are likely to meet new people and get involved in new activities. You will also meet new friends, relatives and show willingness to revive old relationships. Ensure that you don’t get involved in legal problems through real estate. Activity in the field of law is indicated. Your relationship with neighbors, parents, friends and other relatives will be better. However, you need to make sure that there is no disharmony with relatives. Handle defeats and losses in a mature way.

Health Forecast:
You are fortunate with health this year with no major problems indicated. However, you might feel lethargic and weak at times. Headache might be a concern. Work-pressure can be the cause for all problems. Also, be guarded on matters of digestion. Avoid outside food as much as possible.

Financial Forecast:
Expenditure due to vehicles is a possibility. There would be sudden gains through property. The time is not good for major investments; however, gains through old investments are possible. Income from stock market is likely during the last quarter of the year. Financial gains are also probable through siblings, communications and your courageous actions. This year will make you the owner of expensive items. Expenditure towards entertainment activities is possible towards the second half of the year.

Love & Romance Forecast:
Love life and relationship will not be satisfying in the beginning of the year. You have to be very cautious while dealing with lover. Otherwise, you may be disappointed and become impatient. There may be some obstacles in married life. Treat each other with real passion. There will be bonding with partner during the later part of the year. Spending habits of spouse might affect marital harmony and peaceful environment at home.

Business & Career Forecast:
Professional life will be successful, but there would be stressful situations. Business owners might have to deal with government related issues. Things would not worsen as you will easily solve any problem. The year is not recommended for major scale expansion of business activities. Those involved in transportation and logistics will welcome this year. Online business ventures will also flourish well. Partnership businesses will require proper handling. Significant income through commission is possible. At the work front, things can be slightly disappointing, as your efforts would not be recognized. Also, problems between co-workers are possible; it can be resolved with a calm approach. Professionals involved in delivery of goods, advertising, marketing, journalism, publishing and communication would benefit from favorable conditions. Politicians, government authorities, agents and film personalities might have to struggle in the early part of the year. Things will take an auspicious turn towards the second part of the year.

Educational Forecast:
Success in competitive exams is indicated. However, students should not compromise on hard work and dedication towards studies. It is better to avoid complacency and easy-going attitudes.

Favorable Months: January, February, March, April, May, July and October
Unfavorable Months: June, August, September, November, and December






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