Famous Cancer: Keanu Reeves, Shakira, Kurt Cobain, Isaac Newton, Penelope Cruz, Halle Berry, Harrison Ford, Gwen Stefani, Carmen Electra, Jimi Hendrix, Drew Barrymore, , Michael Schumacher, Richard Attias.

Characteristics of the Cancer:
Cancerians are very emotional in nature. They are good in handling money and have good control over budget. They are home lovers. Basically they are timid but become very aggressive when the need arises. They are very caring with a streak of possessiveness. Good listening skills, flexibility and protectiveness are their strengths. Their shortcomings are indecisiveness, inferiority complex and over sensitiveness.

Yearly Horoscope
This year will increase your opportunities to achieve your dreams. Your success will advance you to the next level in society, and you will be accepted as a successful person in the society. Good reputation will prevail for the entire year. You are likely to advance spiritually with the help of a Guru or Teacher. Practicing yoga is good for you. There are possibilities for an unknown person entering your life, who is likely to turn up as your enemy. Despite some initial problems by this person, you will get rid of him at the end. You need to watch out for communication problems while dealing with others. Being frank about your feelings seems to be better than diplomacy. There are possibilities of disputes with father and father-in-law; therefore, try to stay away from unnecessary arguments. The period till October is not very favorable for relationships with siblings; however, you will be able to spend time together with maternal relatives, which will give you peace of mind and joy.

Health Forecast
As far as health and energy levels go, the year is above average barring some nervous skin allergies and stomach disorder. Health of your parents requires attention; therefore, take them for regular check-ups. Ear problems might also affect you; however, no major problems are indicated. Following proper diet and food habits will keep you in good health.

Financial Forecast
After the month of May, possibilities are there for increase in revenue and in bank balance. You are also likely to purchase many gold ornaments. There could be a delay in obtaining funds such as PF, Gratuity or Loans. There are chances of gains from your Business partners during the months of June and July. To maintain stability in finances, avoid indulging in extravagance and stay away from speculative activities due to probability of losses.

Love & Romance Forecast
You are likely to spend some quality time with partner. At the same time, separation from partner would cause you mental agony, especially during May and June. These two months need to be spent carefully especially regarding communication. Unmarried people will find a good proposal and tie the knot.

Business & Career Forecast
This year translators, commission agencies, franchisees, travel agents and cargo clearance agents will get profitable results during the period from January to May 2013. Afterwards, towards the end of the year, there will be some expenses related to communications, advertisement and travel. Do not enter any kind of speculative activities mainly during May to November due to probability for huge loss. Those doing business with individual partners might face problems and chances are there for separation; moreover, it is not a good time to enter into any new partnership deals. Be careful with your business partners and financial deals regarding business. This year will be very favorable for those working in bank and financial dealing, law firms and teaching. You will enjoy reputation in profession, but responsibilities will also increase after May. Be careful towards colleagues especially after September. You will be liked by your superiors and will be able to present your ideas in meetings with clients. Those searching for jobs will get new opportunities. Also, it would be better to accept less preferred jobs as it might turn out to be beneficial in the long run. During the month of September, you will receive some benefits. You need to be alert during August and September as communication problems might affect your progress. Change of place for official reasons is likely in June or July.

Educational Forecast
Students need to work hard, especially those pursuing arts subjects. Students seeking admission in foreign universities will benefit highly during January to May period.

Favorable months: March, May June and August
Unfavorable Months: February, September, July and December






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