Famous Capricorn: Michel de Nostredame, Michelle LaVaughn Obama, Michael Schumacher, Eldrick "Tiger" Woods, Salman Khan, Muhammad Ali, Swami Vivekananda, Hrithik Roshan, Mao Zedong, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Saint Thérèse de Lisieux, Srinivasa Ramanujan Iyengar, Georges Ivanovich Gurdjieff.

Characteristics of the Capricorn:
Capricorns are practical people, who are very ambitious, disciplined, patient, prudent and humorous. They are normally strong, confident and reliable; however, sometimes get into negative thoughts. It is important to take well-informed decisions by taking into consideration both the pros and cons rather than judging things with emotional instinct.

Yearly Horoscope
2013 is a promising year and it is very good for getting professional improvement and satisfaction. It is going to bless you spiritually and you can experience happiness, peace and prosperity all through the year. You will enjoy good physical and mental health. Inclination towards occult and yogic sciences will increase and you will indulge yourself deeper into this area. Good monetary flow is assured throughout the year; at the same time, expenditures may also rise. So, try to balance it. There will be good support from your elders and siblings. It is important that you take care of your sibling’s health. They will do well in their career-front or in their profession. Some of them may also fly abroad for pursuing their higher education.

You must prepare yourself to balance your acts and thoughts to avoid misery in your family. You will not be too happy with your domestic environment but after May, the situations will change and you will feel relaxed. The month of March, April, September and October should be carefully handled in regards with family matters.

Taking a small trip to any favorite place of yours; it will help you to keep your mind refreshed. You can also take up meditation for attaining greater benefits. The health of ailing mother will improve from the month of May.

You are likely to purchase luxurious vehicles or will get it as a gift from your office. After the month of May, you may purchase a new house or flat and it will bring happiness and harmony in your relationships.Your children will do well in their career and will get name and fame. However, they will depend on you for being their emotional and intellectual support. Those who are awaiting their progeny will be blessed before August.

You will be winning over your enemies; legal cases and litigation will end up favoring you. Try to wind-up all these works before May because after that, it may get delayed and it might not be a favorable period for you. Also, try to pay loan and other debt before May itself otherwise it may go delayed and you will feel uncomfortable. Signing in contracts and starting of new business can be planned before May as well.

Those who are seeking for loan may apply during the first half of the year. You might face a few setbacks but do not lose your hope. Health of father will deteriorate so put in extra effort to nurse him properly to avoid getting him hospitalized.

Health Forecast
You will enjoy good health all through this year. There will not be any major health issues arising for you though you may get minor problems such as headaches, emotional disturbances etc. You may also get slight troubles relating to eye, skin and digestion; take care. Elderly people at home might require an eye surgery so put in extra care to look after them. Similarly, take that extra effort to take care of your father’s health that will need good medication. Health of spouse and mother will also be a matter of concern but it will get better very soon. Those who are in jobs that involve frequent travelling need to take measures so as to avoid unfortunate events. Praying to Goddess Durga will make you attract positive vibes and energy throughout the year.

Financial Forecast
There is good flow of money throughout the year. You will receive financial gains from different sources including your mother, spouse, elders and children. You might also get such financial gains from higher authorities and also through some speculative ventures, which you must carry out with your utmost intelligence. There will be gradual and steady increase in your liquid assets.

During the month of February and March, you may get some paternal wealth and insurance money. There will be average but, steady circulation of money. It is better to carry out all major financial transactions before August as it will be highly favorable for you. Expenses for philanthropic activities may be higher during this year; however, if you posses more, it is wise for you to be sharing more as this good karma will be returned to you later. You will also be spending money on your child’s education.

Love & Romance Forecast
The year is smooth and lovely for love and relationships. Some of you would get into new relationships. Unmarried persons may get married during May to August and are likely to get a beautiful and intellectual partner. Those seeking for a new relationship will be blessed with a good romantic partner at your work place or related to your professional circle. There will be mutual love and cooperation between couples. Possibilities of intellectual conflict between married couples are on the card; handle issues with care. You may go on short trips with your wife to spend your holidays during May and June.

The month of August, September and October may cause some disturbance in your relationship. So avoid any verbal duels and misunderstandings with your partner. Those seeking for divorce should give one more chance to understand each other. Be patient and try to visit some beautiful place and spend more time as much as possible to understand each other. Both of you may find a reason to get united and live together instead of taking extreme measures to get separated.

Business & Career Forecast
This is a good year ahead in regards with career and profession. There will be all around success and prosperity in your career. You will get easy recognization and appreciation for your work. For those involved in business, this year will be favorable. You will end up getting financial gains from your partners. However, you might sometimes face hindrance in the casual flow of money. This is a good year for starting new business during May to August. Those who are planning to enter into partnership business may proceed. There will be mutual understanding between you and your partners; your business will go well.

Expansion of business is more suitable before the month of May, do not procrastinate beyond August. The months of April, June, July and mid-September will have average business only. Make sure you don’t start of any new initiatives during the same period as it is not favorable. Your clients may not be fully satisfied with your service. So, be in touch with them always and regularly follow them up so that you will not lose them. Investment on Real estates, communicational peripherals, computer software and hardware, engineering instruments, manufacturers, petro chemicals and mines merchant, cement manufacturers, and surveyors will flourish.

For those who are in job or service, the year is fine as well. Your work will get recognized by superiors. There are possibilities to visit foreign countries in regards to your professional activities. You will get name and fame from your profession and your social status will improve. Some of you may get termination from the job or may change to another job or organization during May to August. There will be frequent disturbance until the month of June after which things will set back to normal.

You will be able to come out successful from all obstacles. You may approach your superiors after June for pay hike or promotion. Independent professionals will also do well with slow and steady progress. You will do better in the first half of the year. There will be work pressure at your office and you may not feel relax so keep yourself calm to handle such things. However, you will earn good money.

This year is going to be highly favorable for teachers, lawyers, engineers, scientists, freelance persons, politicians, administrators, government servants in engineering department, mining department, and PWD department, and managers of big organizations.

Educational Forecast
For students, this year will be a successful one. You will be more inclined to the subject related to spirituality, yogic and occult sciences, religion, philosophy and psychology. There will be good memory power and you will be able to concentrate better. However, they may develop some depressive or wavering tendencies to avoid, which do some meditation and keep yourself happy always. Students relating to arts, management, finance, commerce, fashion design, literature, and research will do extremely well than engineering and other streams. Sometimes you may feel lazy and bored to do your routine work and will get yourself attracted towards artistic and entertainment pursuits. So managing your time effectively will help you to be able to spend quality time during examinations.

Those who are planning to write competitive examination for getting admission into college or getting a job may plan it before May. Some of you will get success in such exams with a distinction and some would get scholarship and will go abroad for higher studies.

Favorable Months: February, March, April, June, July, August, November and December
Unfavorable Months: January, May, September and October







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