Famous Gemini: Barack Obama, Sigmund Freud, Pierce Brosnan, Alton, Jim Carrey, Tina Turner, Jessica Biel, Vladimir Putin, 50 Cent, Mike Brant, Jessica Simpson, Hugh Jackman, Victoria Abril, Marat Safin, Brooke Shields.

Characteristics of the Gemini:
Geminis don’t talk much to others. They always keep themselves thinking. Fortunes will make themselves give delay and they will be able to secure fortunes in the form of money gains during the later stages of their life. In addition, the natives born under this sign usually try to be more luxurious and creative. They are very much fond of travel. The natives of Gemini will always apply their thoughts in a useful way in keeping track of money.

Yearly Horoscope
The year 2013 is going to be a promising year and will create a strong base for your success and enhance bonding with your relatives. Last year might have been a bit difficult for you in terms of finances, career, relationships with friends or relatives and some other aspects of life. This year brings the required change. You will receive support from business partners and there would be interest in spiritual activities especially during May to June. However, these months would impact your personality in a negative way.

You are likely to meet a person, mostly belonging to other region which will lead to a great relationship in the long run. You will realize that misunderstanding lead to troubled relationship with your siblings and will try reviving them with open communication. The year will also give you emotional and monetary support from your father, especially from January to May. Good proposals will come for children in June and July. Also, the period after May is very auspicious for your children. Any problems with your mother would be sorted out this year. During the time between January and June, care is needed regarding communication especially with opposite gender. Except for routine travel, you are less likely to go on travel this year.

Health Forecast
After the month of June, you may face allergic reactions, heartburns and acidity related ailments more frequently. Take more water and citric fruits, as possibilities for calcium deficiency are there. You need to start exercising and avoid being inactive. It is also necessary to stick to proper food habits. Following these practices strictly, would help you maintain good health. However, health of mother can be a concern after May. Health of your children might also require attention due to chances for hospitalization and major diseases.

Financial Forecast
This year, there will be significant improvements in the financial sector. You may receive your money back from borrower during the months of April and May. There are possibilities of gains from your spouse or from business partners. Financial institutions will support you and they may grant additional loans. There are possibilities for more profits after the month of May and till the end of the year. However, be cautious while dealing with strangers and lending money. After the month of June, you are likely to receive unaccounted money. Service increments will add to your financial status.

Love & Romance Forecast
Certain problems are seen with your spouse. However, things will take a positive turn eventually. In fact, the troubled times with spouse will ultimately prove to be beneficial in understanding each other more effectively. The year is harmonious for love relationships as well. Possibilities of intellectual conflict between married couples are on the card; handle issues with care. You may go on short trips with your wife to spend your holidays during May and June. The month of August, September and October may cause some disturbance in your relationship. So avoid any verbal duels and misunderstandings with your partner. Those seeking for divorce should give one more chance to understand each other. Be patient and try to visit some beautiful place and spend more time as much as possible to understand each other. Both of you may find a reason to get united and live together instead of taking extreme measures to get separated.

Business & Career Forecast
2013 indicates success, name and fame in career. Your hard work will be rewarded. You may expect increments and promotions as per your desires. Your customers or end users will be happier about your services or products. Those on the lookout for jobs will receive favorable results during the months of May and June. Many favors like vehicles or free trips could be expected. Also, support from superiors would enhance your comfort level. The time is good till May after which care is needed while dealing with colleagues and while making commitment regarding deadline projects due to possibility of delays. Professionals in law, teaching, asset management and banking will find the year very favorable.

Educational Forecast
This year will be a fortunate year for the students pursuing higher studies. Your desires related to studies are likely to be fulfilled. Favorable support and care from your teachers would make you happy. However, without hard work on your part, nothing is possible to achieve. You would go on pleasurable trips with classmates in August or September. Those staying in hostel would have to concentrate more on studies after May.

Favorable Months: January, March, April, June, August and November
Unfavorable Months: February, May, July and September







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