Famous Leo: Julia Roberts, Monica Bellucci, Tom Cruise, Paris Hilton, Katie Holmes, Cristiano Ronaldo, Tom Hanks, Clint Eastwood, Paul McCartney, Megan Fox, Tom welling, Patrick Bruel, Hasan II, France Gall, Chris Martin.

Characteristics of the Leo:
Natives of Leo will possess more aggression and determination. They tend to be very quick in nature. Authority and good governing tendency will be the prominent characteristics of the natives of Leo. They will be honest and also expect others to be honest. They will undertake frequent travel with regards to career. Generally, their advantage is that they are warm, generous, charming and magnanimous; while their defects are arrogance and ego.

Yearly Horoscope
The year will see a different you influenced by the past experiences in previous year. You would have realized that experience is the best teacher, and would implement proper planning in all your actions. In general, this year will be positive. Benefits from unexpected sources would be there. The year would see you travelling to different places; however, these travels are less likely to be fruitful. You will have a great time with children, especially in August.

Health Forecast
Health of your spouse and child would be good; yet, certain disturbances on the health front are indicated for you. Be attentive towards eye ailments, food allergies, ulcers and tooth or gum problems. Significant medical expenses are on the cards for parents.

Financial Forecast
The upcoming year is good for Leos in terms of finances with more chances of getting back money from borrowers; however, you will receive them in installments. There are very good chances to receive loans from the banks and financial institutions. Investments might not yield fruitful results. Business partners will help you financially in September. From the months of January till May, there are possibilities for increased revenues and savings for your spouse. After May, your spouse will help you to pay off some of your financial liabilities. You will gain interest in speculative activities after the month of June, but ensure that you assess all possible risk factors.

Love & Romance Forecast
After June, you are likely to end the uncomfortable love relationship. It would be better to forget about past incidents and move ahead in life. You will enjoy harmonious relationship with wife. Good times are on the cards with your partner.

Business & Career Forecast
For Leo professionals, the year will bring many challenges which you have to overcome with efforts; things would become manageable. There could be delays and less increase in salary for banking and financial professionals. Be good to your superiors and customers especially regarding communication. Also, those in law have to be careful and judges need to be extremely careful in April and May. Mechanical engineers, marine professionals and cargo industries would receive favorable results from the year. From January to May, you have to be careful while making commitments. If in business, the time till May needs careful handling of affairs. Till the third quarter, there could be loss in business, challenging trends, losing customers and other problems. After August, there would be improvements on the business front. Benefits through foreign connections are possible. Revenues from business will also increase.
Leos in job or service are likely to go on foreign travel during May and June. Social workers will gain fame and even receive awards. Be careful while dealing with customers and higher officials. However, you might not receive expected income or other benefit.

Educational Forecast
This year will be good for students provided they work hard and concentrate on studies. You would find it difficult to join desired institutions. After May, things will fall into place.

Favorable Months: April, August, September and December
Unfavorable Months: February, March, October and November







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