Famous Libra: Charlie Chaplin, Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Amitabh Bachchan, Napoleon Bonaparte, Jimmy Carter, Margret Thatcher, and Buddha.

Characteristics of the Libra:
Librans are charming, diplomatic, creative, honest, gentle, sympathetic, generous and of romantic nature. However, their negative traits are indecisiveness, timidity, lethargic attitude and being emotionally demanding personalities.

Yearly Horoscope
Libra 2013 yearly horoscope reveals that you will be proud of your ideas, and very good at expressing them to others. More focus is seen on creative pursuits. Religious trips and participation in such activities would bring inner peace and solace. You will purchase luxurious items during this year; extravagance on unnecessary things is possible. Try to spend more time with family members and maintain cordial relationship with others. Sudden gains are possible during the beginning of the year. You will be able to bring in control into spending habits during the later part of the year.

Health Forecast
Generally, it will be a good year. There are no major concerns indicated barring cold, ruptures, skin inflammations and constipation. However, health of mother might bother you; take care of her health.

Financial Forecast
Unwanted and sudden expenses might occur; therefore, there may be difficulty in acquiring money in the beginning of the year. Avoid major money transactions as there is a chance of losing money in the early part of the year. Financial gains through profession, mother, property, change of place, father and long travels are possible. Auspicious occasions would result in expenditure. Purchase of expensive ornaments for family members will increase your expenditure. Speculative activities might cause problems. At times, dependence is seen on financial loans.

Love & Romance Forecast
The time lacks much support as far as love relationships are concerned. Your impulsive actions might affect cordial relationship with love partner and even close –ones. Therefore, resort to a gentle way of handling things. Married couples will enjoy a normal year.

Business & Career Forecast
Career shows tight schedule many times. You need to improve your skills and efficiency to meet the target. Professionals would be asked to finish tasks in the assigned time. Avoid taking hasty decisions and give time for matters to settle down. Professionals involved in communication sector will embrace success. However, the time is not that auspicious for realtors and software professionals. Those in job or service might be unhappy about the way things are happening at the work front; however, it is not the best time for a job change. Be patient and wait for the right opportunity.
Businesspeople will be happy with the stable way of things throughout the year. Partnership business will flourish well with cordial relationships and benefits from partner. Business related to gold, garments and foreign trade will flourish well.

Educational Forecast
Hard work is the key to find success. Distractions are likely, so put in your best efforts to not to be affected by them. It is better not to indulge in bad companies; it may keep you away from studies.

Favorable Months: January, February, March, April, July, September, November and December
Unfavorable Months: May, June, and October







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