Famous Pisces: Jesus Christ, Sharon Vonne Stone, Albert Einstein, Osama bin Muhammad bin, Daniel Wroughton Craig, George Washington, James Gordon Brown, Galileo Galile, Aamir Khan and Arthur Schopenhauer.

Characteristics of the Pisces:
Pisceans are generally imaginative, sensitive, compassionate, kind, selfless, intuitive and sympathetic. They own a gentle, patient and malleable nature. Pisceans accept the people and circumstances around them the way they are, rather than trying to adapt people to suit them. They will wait patiently for the problems to sort themselves out rather than take the initiative to solve them. They are more readily concerned with the problems of their own. Generally, Pisceans are idealistic, secretive, escapist, which could also lead them to worries.

Yearly Horoscope
This year will bring good luck and fortune for you. The year will begin with auspicious functions at home. You will enjoy good health and your social status will increase. You will have name, fame and immense happiness and all your desires will be fulfilled. This year is promising good prospects for monetary gains. You may invest in different sectors. Your business will expand and there will be overflow of work. During May and June, you might undertake short as well as long journey. You may go for short trip to spend your holiday or might visit a foreign country as well. Your siblings will perform well and help you in your profession; they may also go on some short trips.

Family responsibilities and unhappiness might be a matter of concern for you at times but never to worry, you will be able to find a way to overcome it. After May such situations if arisen, will change and strained relations will go smooth and cordial. You will enjoy quality time with your family members. Your efforts will be successful. Taking up some spiritual and intellectual activities will keep you healthy and fit mentally. You might even change your residence during June and July. Your mother’s health needs extra care throughout the year; however, there will be some good improvement in her health after the month of May. You need to put in extra effort to take care of her heath during the later half of January and in the months of February, June, September and October.

Purchase of new house or flat and vehicles should not be carried out till May. However you should check all details about the property paper or dealings so that you may not face any fraudulent conspiracy. Those who are waiting for new born will get their desires fulfilled until August or after November. Your children will perform well in their studies and they will get some rewards for their achievements too. Insisting your kids to take up yoga and meditation classes will help them to face their lack of memory power and concentration.

You will be able to pay off your debts or loan during May to August or if delayed, after October. Court cases and litigation will take more time to settle down but during May to August you may see some improvements and this will be favoring you. Those seeking for loan or debt from the bank will face obstacles by the loan granting authority. Preparing all documents in advance before seeking loan will help you big time to avoid unnecessary delays.

There is divine help and support for you throughout this year. Your spirituality level will increase and you will engage in philanthropic work for the welfare of society, children and ladies.

Health Forecast
Generally, this year is promising a smooth and steady health condition. However, you may feel lazy and have body pain throughout the year and your present surroundings will make you feel suffocated. There can be minor issues relating to eye, heart, lungs, neck, vocal cord, genital organs etc, which you can avoid by taking the necessary precautionary measures.

Doing regular meditation and yogic practice will be highly beneficial. Go for morning walk and always be happy. Health of parents, spouse, and siblings might cause some concern for you; however, it will eventually cease.

Financial Forecast
Financially 2013 is a good year for you. You will get gains from many sources such as your profession, siblings, spouse, father, business and children. Your investments will give good return. Your business and professional activities will keep you busy always.

Gains from speculation, inherited properties, commission, stocks and shares are possible in 2013. You may get inherited property during May or if delayed, then after October. Expenses on luxurious products, children, journeys and Business are on the card. You may pay all your old pending taxes to the government.

Love & Romance Forecast
This year will have mixed results for marriage and romance. You will enjoy good bond with your partner but, sometimes things might not favor you. There might be some coldness in your relationship. So, it is better to handle your relationship with utmost care. Visit hill stations and energize your relationship; things will work out better for the both of you. Those who are waiting for their future partner or going to start a new relationship will find their loved one before May. Unmarried will get married after May and if delayed, after August. You will get beautiful and witty partner with religious mind.

Spousal relationship will be a little strained and might not go very smooth. It is good to be transparent in your relationship with your partner and you should not give any space for misunderstandings to arise. After May and October there will be better harmony and cordial relation.

Business & Career Forecast
2013 is promising you good career prospects. Your name and fame will increase and there maybe some enhancement in your professional activities. Those who are in business will do slow business than usual; however, there will be steady growth in it. Keenly watch your partner’s activities and avert your probable losses. It is better not to enter in partnership business. Especially after May, you should be more careful on this regard.

Expansion or starting of new business is favorable till May or after October of 2013. Investment on textiles, milk product, oils, beverages, chemicals, shipping, costumes, cosmetics, religious trusts, submarines, aquariums, financial and educational sector and medical sector will flourish.

Those who are in job or service will do well than those in independent profession. However the job holder will face some obstacles till April. From May, they will see changes at work place. You will get recognization by your authorities and superiors between May to August. Work load will be more during the first half of the year. There may be some misunderstanding with your superiors which you must handle with care to avoid unwanted results. So it’s better to follow diplomacy in workplace and do not involve yourself in office politics. June, July, September and October will not be beneficial for smooth progress in job.

Independent professionals will do well in the first half of the year. Their social as well as professional reputation will increase and they will get all around success. February, August, September and October are the months when you need to pay extra attention to keep your work going smooth and safe.

Those who are seeking for a job may get the desired new job after April or if delayed then after October. Diplomats, cops, administrator, statesman, politician, defense personnel, doctors, lawyer, professor, advisors, counselors, philosophers, astrologers, astronomers, and social reformer will flourish during 2013.

Educational Forecast
2013 is promising for students for their educational growth and prosperity. Before the month of May, you may plan to take up a professional course that will help you to get a good job. For those planning to take up any entrance examination for getting job or admission, plan it after April. The students of law, politics, philosophy, religious studies, management, politics, sports, medicine, and engineering will do well.

Your domestic surroundings may disturb and you may lack concentration in studies. Taking up some meditation and keeping yourself away from family politics will help you greatly to get good concentration in studies.

Favorable Months: January, February, March, April, June, August, November and December.
Unfavorable Months: May, July, September and October








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