Famous Scorpio: Bruce Lee, Indira Gandhi, Marlon Brando, Saddam Husain, Kamal Hassan, Satya Sai Baba, Jodie Foster, Tina Turner, and Kevin Costner.

Characteristics of the Scorpio:
Scorpions are sensual, intuitive, attractive, disciplined, emotional and have strong memory power. They are usually dominant, curious, interfere in others activities, exaggerate things and are usually secretive. The most positive traits of the natives of Scorpio are magnetism and their understanding skills, while their negative points are possessiveness.

Yearly Horoscope
This year, you are likely to befriend many good people who will be of help in need and for fulfilling your desires. Your popularity will increase in society. Help of younger siblings would also be there. However, you might have disturbing relationships with elder siblings. Try to have an open communication with your spouse as there are chances for misunderstanding. There would be gains from father. At times, you might have to face obstacles in fulfilling your desires. In the beginning of 2013, you are likely to get involved in entertainment activities.

Health Forecast
Health asks for care this year due to possibilities of chest pain. Health of spouse can also be a concern. There might be significant expenses for health. Take good care of your health.

Financial Forecast
You may gain money through speculative activities and lottery during the beginning of the year. Monetary gains through your mother are also possible. Financial institutions and insurance will also be of monetary help. You might acquire vehicles. However, it would be better to be careful while handling finances as there could be a loss.

Love & Romance Forecast
For love relationships, the period is highly favorable. You will get to spend quality time with your partner. Married couple will be happy with the arrival of a kid. There would be happier occasions in the family.

Business & Career Forecast
The time is helpful for those seeking a government career. Assistance from the governing bodies would be of help in career. Traders and jewelers will also welcome a great year in terms of gains. Those in business like communication agencies will benefit a lot. Businessperson running orphanage homes will also find the year good. Business partners might have arguments and even separate. Professionals will have chances of getting good gains in their profession during the midyear. Support of higher officials will also be there during the beginning. Doctors, pharmacists, real estate agents and administrative executives will have a good time.
Service oriented people will enjoy favorable and positive support from government. Monetary benefits are a surety for those in government sector and active politicians could prove their worth.

Educational Forecast
Students will perform well in exams and there would be assistance in the form of scholarships from government and private agencies. Students will secure admission in their favorite colleges.

Favorable Months: January, February, April, May, June, September, October and November.
Unfavorable Months: March and August.









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