Famous Taurus: Mother Teresa, Christina Aguilera, Cameron Diaz, Che Guevara, Demi Moore, Jim Morrison, Bill Clinton, Rafael Nadal, Lindsay Logan, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Chris Brown, Matt Dillon, Ronald Reagan, Ana Ivanovic.

Characteristics of the Taurus:
Generally, Taureans are firm and strong. They like harmonious environment and work for the same. They are reliable, supportive and intelligent. Their huge strength is endurance and downside is adamancy, materialistic nature and annoyance. Stubbornness and unwillingness to change are the negative qualities that project them in negative manner.

Yearly Horoscope
This year is memorable for those trying to revive old relationships. Benefits through children are to be expected. If you are waiting to get work permit or Visa, be patient till May as after that good times are awaiting you. Also, foreign travel will be highly advantageous for you. You can expect mixed returns from the year. In general, the year will be good. Your relationship with father will improve greatly. Social contacts will prove to be beneficial especially between January and May. You will have a wonderful relationship with parents and siblings.

Health Forecast
Taurus 2013 Health Horoscope indicates that you have to be very conscious about intake of food; otherwise, chances are there for food poisoning. Eye ailments, dental and oral problems will get solved after June. Sexual diseases if any, Heart and stomach related ailments etc are possible; however, there would be relief after the month of May. Overall, there will be lack of stability when it comes to your health and fitness.

Financial Forecast
Financially, this year is good until May; you will receive more profits from speculations and job or profession. Sudden financial gains through spouse or business partners are on the cards. Financial gains through awards or gifts are possible. Insurance policies would also be beneficial. However, after May, you need to be wary about your spending. Try to avoid parties, expensive gifts and other unnecessary expenses. Expenses for travel are probable. There are good chances for acquiring new vehicles and residential properties. Paternal properties and income through donation are possible. However, it would be better to be careful while dealing with finances. Loss of significant amount of money is possible through burglary and unexpected loss.

Love & Romance Forecast
The year will start on a positive note for new relationships. Advice of mother will help you sort out problems in love relationships. Family will come to know of your love relationships and things will take a positive turn to finally end in marriage. Unnecessary doubt about your spouse might affect your marital relationship. However, things will be fine after June.

Business & Career Forecast
This year will be good for those engaged in artistic professions like movies, music and others. The artists will get recognized and will enjoy monetary benefits. However, the existing projects will be delayed. You may face some issues due to your commitments. It is better to be extra careful in your communications during the months from January till May. Teachers, Professors and Spiritual teachers will get name, fame and money during this year. There will be change of partnership and adding new partners in the form of venture capitalist or like a working partner may be expected. Alterations in your product marketing strategies will fetch you favorable results. In this year, you may enter legal dealings and partnerships with other companies to increase your revenue. You may travel abroad for business responsibilities and to meet new customers. This travel will fetch you with good results. This year will be favorable for speculation and investments in share markets.

During the period between March to April, there will be a change of job. Job related responsibilities will also force you to shift residence. From January till June, you may face adverse situations while executing your responsibilities. However, with the help of your colleagues and supportive staff, you will easily shoulder your responsibilities and move forward with success. There are chances to get insulted in working place due to unwanted relationships with colleagues.

During this year, you will get recognized by your employer and may get increments and new responsibilities. The year is also good for those involved in the banking and finance sector. You may feel unnecessary pressure in profession from your superiors during the period from January till June.

Educational Forecast
This is a good year for success in academic pursuits. However, you will achieve this only with hard work and commitment. There will be issues related to concentrating abilities. Limit your friendships and be choosy regarding friends; you need to avoid unwanted friendships. This alone will give you a trouble free and unwavering mind to concentrate on your studies.

Favorable Months: January, February, March, June, July and September.
Unfavorable Months: April, May, October and December.








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