Famous Virgo: Madonna, Dalai Lama- Spiritual Guru, Michelle Pfeiffer- Actor- Oscar winner, John Joseph Travolta, Deepak Chopra, Rajiv Gandhi.

Characteristics of the Virgo:
Generally, Virgos possess analytical nature. They are very realistic in approach and are appreciative. They are worrisome and sometimes perceive to be fussy. It is very difficult to make them contented. Their strengths are great sense of humor and sharp intellect.

Yearly Horoscope
The second half of 2013 seems to be more profitable for you compared to the first half. There are opportunities to travel, meet with saints and learned people. However, during the early months of the year, you might have to face criticism. Any pending legal matters will be decided in your favor. Be attentive towards studies of your children. During the year, your relationship with siblings and elders in the house would be affected. There will be inclination towards spiritual activities. Control your desires. The year looks profitable for you.

Health Forecast
The year wants you to be careful regarding health due to possibility of disturbances. Those already suffering from chronic ailments need to take special care of health. Also, take proper medication. Chest pain and knee ailments are likely. Food poisoning is another possibility which has to be avoided. You have to be careful about mother’s health in the early part of the year.

Financial Forecast
The early part of the year would see you struggling to make it a stable day regarding finances. However, things will take a positive turn during the second phase. Unexpected and sudden gains are possible at times through inheritance as well. There would be expenses for auspicious activities mainly during the later part of the year. Financial income through women is seen. There would be expenses through vehicles at times.

Love & Romance Forecast
The times are not auspicious for love relationships. Therefore, you have to be alert. Some of you will find your soul mate at work place. Married couples have to tactfully avoid situations of verbal conflict to maintain a cordial environment.

Business & Career Forecast
There are chances for transfer as well as promotion for some of the Virgos. For professionals, most of the days will be calm at work front. Try to see what is beneficial in the long run rather than limiting yourself with short-term gains. Official travel is a great possibility. Those in fields like astronomy, mining and mathematics can await benefits. Those in service would be transferred and there could be several changes. Lack of cordial relationship with superiors might affect your progress. Try to stay away from conflicts to maintain harmonious environment. You are likely to work on improving your qualities. More gains are indicated during the first half of the year than the second part.
Those in business will receive good inflow of money, yet might fail to make a great fortune due to previous commitments. The later part of the year is favorable for partnership business. People dealing with cosmetic, garments and gold will fetch more benefits.

Educational Forecast
Students have to focus on studies. Some of you may develop some depressive or wavering tendencies to avoid; performing meditation will keep yourself happy and you will be able to concentrate more.

Favorable Months: April, June, July, November and December.
Unfavorable Months: February, March and May.







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