Kappil Beach and Backwaters

kappil beach

Kasargod or Kasargod is the northernmost district of Kerala, South India, bordering the state of Karnataka. The Kappil beach here is a serene getaway spot, unspoiled by the incursion of modernism and over-mechanization. It is quite picturesque and is a secluded and comparatively unexplored holiday spot in the lap of the Arabian Sea.

The Kodi hills nearby the Kappli beach are an ideal place for those interested in trekking and the view of the sea from atop the Kodi hills is simply fabulous.

For those who prefer Thoreau to Harold Robbins, the secluded and relatively unexplored Kappil Beach should prove idyllic. This sun-drenched beach is a perfect getaway after a hectic tour of the nearby Bekal Fort, some six kms away.

Adventurous souls can even ascend the nearby Kodi cliff to get a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea.

Getting there:

Nearest railway station: Kasaragod, about 12 km.
Nearest airport: Mangalore, about 50 km from Kasaragod town; Karipur International Airport, Kozhikode, about 200 km from Kasaragod town.






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