Shri. Baby John , veteran RSP Leader, was born on 14.9.1920 as the son of Shri. Sebastian John and Smt. Mary John.

Entering politics even while being a student, Shri. Baby John took part in the Independence movement, and was arrested several times for this. He was also excommunicated by the Catholic Church for taking part in politial activities. Beginning his political career as a member of Congress Party, he later joined RSP and was its founder member.

Shri. Baby John’s long legislative career begins in 1952-54 when he was elected as a member of Travancore - Cochin Legislative Assembly. Subsequently he was elected to the second KLA in 1960 from Karunagappally, which he again represented in 1967 and 1970. Since 1977, from the 5th KLA to the 10th KLA, he has been representing Chavara constituency continuously.

Shri. Baby John has a long record as a Minister as well. He was the Minister for Revenue from October 1970 to October 1979 in the four Ministries headed by M/s C. Achutha Menon, K. Karunakaran, A.K. Antony and P.K. Vasudevan Nair. Subsequently he was the Minister for Education from January 1980 to October 1981 in the Ministry headed by Shri. E.K. Nayanar, and Minister for Irrigation from 26..3..1987 to 17..6..1991 and the Minister for Irrigation and Labour from 20..5..1996 to 7..1..1998, also in the Ministry headed by Shri. E.K. Nayanar. Shri. Baby John has also had a remarkable stint as General Secretary of RSP, General Secretary of Kerala Committee of UTUC and President of All India, UTUC.

Smt. T. Annamma B.John is his wife and they have two sons and one daughter. Shri. Shibu Baby John

who is presently a member of the Eleventh KLA, is his son.






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