Initiatives as Minister for Industries

1.Key force behind the formation of Infrastructure Company ‘INKEL’ with Private-Public-Partnership

2.Gave momentum to investment promotion efforts, with special focus of welcoming investments from the private sector

3.Brought in major private investments

4.Initiation of a ‘developmental’ approach to investment rather than the traditional 'licensing' approach

5.Focused studies on the Industrial-Investment scenario of southern states

6.Introduction of professionalism into the private sector in the state

7.Synergised Public Sector Units

8.Brought all PSU heads in one platform

9.Met heads of Banks to re-negotiate loans to PSUs, working on
One-time Settlements and further funding

10.Creation of techno-manufacturing links between State and Central PSUs

11.Took measures to improve the quality of the PSU products and to find new and better markets for them 12.Energised the traditional sector by integrating modern methods

Key Contributions to Developmental Activities

1.Calicut City Development

2.Calicut Medical College Development

3.Calicut Bye-pass Road

4.Beypore Port

Political Career Summary

1.Member of the present Kerala Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Beypore Constituency
2.Member, CPI (M) Kerala State Committee

3.Secretary, CITU Kerala State Committee

4.Secretary, All India Road Transport Worker's Federation

5.General Secretary, Kerala State Road Transport Worker's Federation

6.President, Mavoor Grasim Industries Workers' Union 7.Previously elected to Kerala Legislative Assembly in 1996
Political Career Growth

1.Started his career as Mavoor Rayons employee

2.Became a trade union member

3.Took massive efforts to re-open the Mavoor factory for which he was widely appreciated

4.Was instrumental in organizing the Tile industry as well as its revival activities
across Kerala

5.Was closely involved in the running of few companies and has been part of the Co-operative Tile Consortium

Personal Details

1.Born on 1st July 1953 at Elamaram

2.Countries visited: Cuba, China, Russia and the Middle East

3.Family: Wife and two daughters






Keralites have proved their deligence and extra ordinary brillience through out the world. Keralites are well known for their honesty and efficiency in all fields. In the list of Prominent Personalities we have tried to include all famous personalities from Kerala. We are trying to collect the details of the rest. If you have the details of any such personalities, please send to us.

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