Shri.K.M.Mani, veteran Kerala Congress leader, is one of the senior-most Legislators and Ministers in our State. He was born as the son of Shri. Thomas Mani and Smt Alyamma on 30th January 1933 at Marangattupalli, Palai.

After completing his Bachelors Degree in Law, he started practice as an Advocate at Calicut under the tutelage of Shri. P.Govinda Menon, who later became the Judge of Kerala High Court. Shri. Mani later shifted his practice to Palai, and in the meanwhile, he turned to active politics and social work.

Shri. Mani who has been representing Palai Constituency from the 3rd KLA to 11th KLA without any break, holds the record of getting elected from the same Constituency in nine elections continuously totalling a period of almost 40 years, from 1967 till date. Shri. Mani has been a Minister for 18 years and as the Finance Minister, he has presented 8 Budgets.

His Ministerial assignment begins on 26.12.1975, when he took charge as the Finance Minister in the Ministry headed by Shri. C.Achutha Menon. He held the post till 25.3.1977. In the Ministry headed by Shri.K.Karunakaran, he was the Home Minister from 11.04.1977 to 25.04.1977 and continued to hold the same portfolio in the A.K.Antony Ministry from 27.04.1977 to 21.12.1977 and from 16.09.1978 to 27.10.1978. He was again the Home Minister in the Ministry headed by Shri. P.K. Vasudevan Nair from 29.10.1978 to 7.10.1979. From 25.01.1980 to 20.10.1981 he handled the portfolio of Finance and Law in the Ministry headed by Shri. E.K.Nayanar. He continued as Minister for Finance and Law in the Ministry headed by Shri. K. Karunakaran from 28.12.1981 to 17.03.1982, and again from 24.05.1982 to 15.05.1986. Later, he was the Minister for Irrigation and Law, from 16.05.1986 to 25.03.1987 in the same Ministry.

In the subsequent Ministries headed by Shri. K. Karunakaran and Shri. A.K. Antony, he was the Minister for Revenue and Law from 24.6.1991 to 16.03.1995 and from 22.03.1995 to 09.05.1996 respectively. He was the Minister for Revenue and Law in the A.K.Antony Ministry from 17.5.2001 to 29.08.2004 and continues to handle the same portfolio in the present Ministry headed by Shri.Oommen Chandy since 31.08.2004.

During his long political career, he has at different times been General Secretary, DCC Kottayam, founder member and General Secretary of Kerala Congress, Chairman of Kerala Congress (M), besides being the leader of Kerala Congress Legislature Party in the Assembly .

A gifted writer, he has authored many books also, “Fiscal Problems of Kerala-Causes and Remedial Measures”, “The People’s Socialism'', "The Eighth Five year Plan-an Alternative Approach", "Doctrine of Toiling Class", "The Economic Development of Kerala", "Toiling Class Theory'' and "Political and Economic Studies" to name just a few.

Smt. Annamma Mani is his wife and they have one son and five daughters.







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