Shri.K.P.Gopalan, senior Communist leader, was born in 1908, at Puthiyaparamba. A person drawn to freedom struggle after School education, Shri. Gopalan had been a volunteer in the Salt Satyagraha Jatha in 1930. Later , he joined the Communist Party in 1939. In an eventful political life spanning over four decades, he had been imprisoned several times, for more than 16 years. He was elected to the Madras Legislative Assembly in 1952, and had served as the Deputy Leader of Opposition in that Assembly.

After the state reorganisation, Shri.K.P.Gopalan was elected as a member of the first KLA in 1957, from Cannanore – II constituency representing CPI. He served as the Minister for Industries and Community Development in the EMS Namboodiripad Ministry, and he held the post from 5.4.1957 to 31.7.1959.

Shri.K.P.Gopalan held several party positions also, during his long political career. He was the Secretary of North Malabar District Congress Committee, and the Secretary of Kerala Provincial Congress Committee, in 1934 and 1940. He had also served as the President of Kerala Trade Union Congress and Vice President of All India Motor Workers’ Union.

Shri.K.P.Gopalan expired on April 20,1977.

The Assembly paid its homage to him on July 12, 1977.







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