Shri. M.K. Muneer, medical practitioner turned political leader, was born on 26th August, 1962 as the son of Shri. C.H. Mohammed Koya, former Chief Minister and Smt. Amina Mohammed Koya.

He started political activity while a student and had served as the President of Student’s Organisation of Muslim League. Subsequently, he got elected also as the Councillor of Kozhikode Corporation. Dr. Muneer became elected to 9th KLA from Calicut –II constituency, contesting as a Muslim League Member. He got elected to the 10th and 11th KLA as well, from the Malappuram constituency.

In the Ministry headed by Shri. A.K. Antony, he was the Minister for Public Works from 26.5.2001 to 29.8.2004. He is handling the same portfolio since 5.9.2004 in the Ministry of Shri. Oommen Chandy. As one associated with cultural activities, he had received C. Achutha Menon Award for Literature in 1998 and in the Inter Medicos Competition, he was selected as Best Singer, Best Painter, Best Actor and Best Cartoonist.

As one who has a literary flair as well, he has published a book “Fascisavum Sangha Parivarum” besides essays for various publications. Shri. Muneer has been the President of State Muslim Youth League and State Secretariat Member of Muslim League. He is also the Chairman of India Vision Television Channel.

His wife is Smt. Nafeesa and they have 2 sons.






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