Kerala Women's Commission Chairperson and renowned leader Smt. M.Kamalam entered politics as an active worker of Indian National Congress. She was born on August 14, 1926 as daughter of Shri. Keloth Krishnan at Calicut.

A former General Secretary and Vice President of K.P.C.C. Smt. Kamalam opted to stand with the Congress (O) after the split in the Congress, and became Working Committee Member. When Janatha Party was formed , she became its Chairperson., Calicut District Committee and was its State Executive Member too. She had been imprisoned in connection with Vimochana Samaram, and later during the Emergency.

She also served as Member, Calicut Municipal Council, for a long period from 1948 to 1963. Smt. M. Kamalam became elected to KLA twice as Janata Party member from Kalpetta constituency in 1980 and 1982. She served as the Minister for Co-operation from 24.5.1982 to 25.3.1987, in
the Ministry headed by Shri. K. Karunakaran.

During a long public life, Smt. Kamalam has held several high positions in all walks of life including State Committee Member of Malayala Pradesh Congress Committee , Member, National Committee of Janatha Mahila Vibhag , State Convenor of KPCC Mahila Vibhag , Chairman , Kerala Fishermen's Association, President, Desa Seva Sangham, and as President of innumerable trade unions.

She is married to Shri. M. Samikutty and they have 4 sons and 1 daughter






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