A senior Janata Dal leader, Shri. M.P. Veerendra Kumar has put his imprint in the field of literature, journalism and publishing industry.

Born on July 26, 1936 as the son of Shri. M.K. Padma Prabha Gowder, Ex-MLA, Shri. Veerendra Kumar entered politics even while being a student, and has since been actively participating in various social and cultural activities in our state. Getting elected to the 8th KLA in 1987 from Kalpetta as a Janata Party Candidate, he was the Minister for Forests for a short spell from 2..4..1987 to 7..4..87.

In 1996, he was elected to LokSabha from Kozhikode. He has served as Minister of State for Finance from February 21 to June 9, 1997 and as the Minister of State for Labour (independent charge ) with additional charges of Urban Affairs, Employment and Parliamentary Affairs during 1997-98. He continues to be a member of Lok Sabha since 2004.

Shri. Veerendra Kumar has served at different times as National Treasurer, SSP, Secretary, Socialist Party (Kerala), National Secretary, Socialist Party, Member, National Executive of Janata Party, General Secretary, Janata Party and Convenor, Liaison Committee of Opposition parties. He had to go underground and later even undergo imprisonment during emergency. His properties were also confiscated during the time . Shri. Veerendra Kumar is a leading figure in the publishing industry as well, being the Chairman and MD of Mathrubhumi publications.

He has also served as member, National Executive of Indian Eastern Newspaper Society, Chairman, Regional Committee, INES, and Director, Press Institute of India and PTI .

A gifted writer as well, he has to his credit several volumes such as “Ramante Dukham”, “Gattum Kaanacharadukalum” and “Buddhante Chiri”.

Smt. Usha is his wife, and they have 1 son and 3 daughters.






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