Shri. R. Balakrishna Pillai , veteran leader of Kerala congress, was born as the son of Shri. Keezhoottu Raman Pillai, and Smt. Karthiyayani Amma, on 7.4.1934.

After Graduation, Shri. Pillai ventured into the political arena as an active worker of the Students Federation. Later, he served as member, KPCC Executive and AICC during 1958-64. Shri. Pillai was the founder General Secretary of Kerala Congress in 1964. During his long political career, he also served as President of Edamulakkal Panchayat for a long period from 1964 to 1987 and as President of Kottarakara Grama Panchayat during 1987-95.

Shri. R. Balakrishna Pillai has been elected to KLA eight times, besides being elected to Parliament. When he was elected to K.L.A for the first time in 1960, he was then the youngest member.

Later in 1971, he was elected to the LokSabha and served as leader of Kerala Congress in Parliament. While serving as an MP, he became the Minister for Transport-Excise and Jails in 1975, in the Ministry headed by Shri. C. Achutha Menon.

In 1977 Shri. Pillai was again elected to the Assembly and since then he has been representing Kottarakara constituency seven times consecutively, till the 11th KLA. During this period, he served as the Minister for Electricity from 25.1.80 to 20.10.81 in the Ministry headed by Sri. E.K. Nayanar, from 24.5.82 to 5.6.85 and from 25.5.86 to 25.3.87 in the Ministry headed by Sri. K. Karunakaran.

He was again the Minister for Transport from 24.6.91 to 16.3.95 in the Karunakaran Ministry. From 22.3.95 to 28.7.95 and from 10.3.2003 to 29.8.2004, Shri Pillai was the Minister for Transport and Railways in the Ministry headed by Shri. A.K. Antony.

Apart from his long career as a Minister, Shri Pillai has also served as the Chairman of House Committee way back in 1962-63. Currently, he is the leader of the K.C. (B) in the KLA and the Chairman of the Party .

He is married to Smt. R. Valsala and they have two daughters and one son. His son Shri K.B. Ganesh Kumar was the Minister for Transport in the A.K. Antony Ministry during 2001-03.







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