5 Zodiac Signs Who Stay Friends With Their Exes

Zodiac Signs Who Stay Friends with Their Exes – Certain zodiac signs have the characteristics that make friendships feasible, even though not every breakup can result in one. Their capacity to let go of past hurts, combined with respect for the connections they’ve made, enables them to continue strong friendships with their ex-partners.

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Aquarians have a strong sense of individuality and are deep thinkers. For them, the ability to mentally connect with a partner is significantly more vital than anything else. They cherish creating enduring relationships with others and their buddies mean the world to them.

An Aquarius would be even more devastated to lose a friend than a love partner because the person they date is like a best friend, therefore they would be devastated if they couldn’t stay in touch. Instead of viewing a breakup as the end of a relationship, they see it as a chance for the two of them to grow and change for the better.

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Libra are continually seeking balance, and they are drawn to a companion that balances them out and shares their harmonious disposition. Both couples will be highly open to the concept of continuing a relationship after the romantic one has ended. Libras are social butterflies who can’t bear to be by themselves.

They would stop at nothing to ensure that you would always have that potential lifelong companion, and they would never consider the possibility of losing you. As long as the breakup is amicable and they can maintain a connection with their former partner, they are rational individuals who strive to avoid letting their feelings over their ex control them.

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Geminis are excellent communicators with a true knack for conversation. Their extroverted and outspoken attitude will make it difficult for them not to keep a connection with their ex, as they will continuously phone and message them about their daily activities and current gossip.

Because their sign encourages conversation, they are likely to attract partners who also enjoy talking and while separated, the two of them will have a lot to catch up on.

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Sagittarius people tend to be highly jovial and fun-loving. Because of their candour and sense of humour, they don’t take themselves or their relationships seriously enough and are quite open about the fact that they mostly just want to have fun. These traits would be understood and shared by the person they date, which would make it very simple for them to stay close friends when their romantic relationship ends.

Nothing irritates them more than feeling constrained; they are free spirits with a voracious desire for life and adventure. They are the last to follow the counsel of others to avoid spending out with their former partner.


Cancers take relationships and love seriously, and they constantly search for a life partner in everyone they date. Their grooming process for a potential partner is serious business.

If they’ve opted to date someone, it implies that the person is very precious to them, and both of them share a profound bond that lasts beyond the relationship. Because they are so connected to their family, their companion must have gotten along with them too.

FAQs More About Zodiac Signs Who Stay Friends with Their Exes

1. Which zodiac sign is a deep thinker?

Ans. Aquarius are deep thinkers. Aquarius become friends with their partners before they commit for relationships. Therefore, it becomes difficult for Aquarius to cut off ties with their exes after breakup. That’s why they stay friends with their exes even if their breakup is too heartwrenching.

2. Sagittarius stays friends with their exes. Why?

Ans. Sagittarius enjoy their life to its fullest. They are enthusiastic and adventurous. They don’t take seriously to their relationships and just want to have fun. Therefore, they stay friends with their partners after their breakup.

3. Which zodiac sign is known for its excellent communication?

Ans. Geminis are excellent in communication. They are likely to communicate with their partners after breakup and make things cordial between them.

4. Why do Cancer stay friends with their exes?

Ans. Cancers are emotional individuals. When they commit in relationship, they make their partners not only their best friend but also family.  Thus, after their breakup they stay friends.

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